My name is Marisa and you have reached my website. I’m an author, journalist and editor.

Basically I work with words and you can hire me to find and tell stories or to help you tell yours or to tell some of my own.

I have worked in two countries as a reporter in online, print, TV and radio news outlets, I volunteer a lot in both the media and publishing industries, I’ve written books and I do the occasional speaking gig or workshop. I also edit books for individual authors and publishers and I work with government departments, organisations and businesses on their documentation and media assets.

This website hosts my portfolio, information about my services, ways to get in touch or hire me, a blog about all things writing, editing, freelancing and journalism and a few cool things like some free resources and surveys for freelancers on rates and experiences. There’s a newsletter you can subscribe to if you want to be updated on cool things I do and get involved in.

Because I do end up doing a lot of very different and cool things. At least people tell me they are cool things. I will let you decide. You can read about my adventures in archaeology, my travelling and other odd experiences here.

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I provide the following services:

Muse for hire | Mentoring |Manuscript editing | Freelance journalism | Creative writing | Copy and content writing | SEO rewriting | Website, digital and social media management | Speaking & workshops

To find out what these services entail and what my rates are, click the button below.

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“Stories matter. Tell the important ones.”

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