Journalist, Writer & Editor

Marisa Wikramanayake

I’m Marisa, a freelance journalist & editor, & this is my website. You can have a look at my work, my blog posts, my services & hire me. Or sign up to my newsletter or my Patreon

I do the work I do because I believe in the right of people to tell their own stories, to be represented fairly and I believe in the public’s right to know. 

So I do a lot of different things. I am a journalist who not only wants to write about things that matter but wants to show others that there can be diversity across all beats and mediums of reporting. 

I am also an editor helping people craft stories about themselves and a sensitivity reader helping people be ethical and accurate about their portrayal of others. 

I am a mentor and speaker, advocating for people’s rights in media and publishing. 

And I write books because I want to see more stories in English language literature about people like me and the variety of people I grew up with.

Despite COVID-19, I’m still working. Do get in touch.


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