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My 10 Compelling Reasons For Running Youtube Livestreams Right Now

In case you missed it, I am running #writewithme livestreams on Youtube and Twitch every day this week Monday to Thursday (I was too tired on Friday so it didn’t happen), for one hour at 9 am Melbourne time, 6 am Perth, Australia time and 5 pm NYC time.

The livestreams are free. You can turn up with something, anything to work on. You can chat if you want to. You don’t need to log in and if you miss one, you can watch it later on Youtube.

And you may be wondering why I am doing these livestreams. As with everything I do for work, I have my reasons.

As you go through this post I have embedded the Youtube videos of the livestreams so you can have a look at how I look early on in the morning when I am trying to write.

1. I wanted to massively increase the amount of creative writing that I do and build a daily habit

I am a tropical island person. At one point I used to have a habit of waking up at four am and writing till six am and that habit fell by the wayside the moment a Melbourne winter set in.

I wanted to build a habit of writing regularly so that I could finish the books I am writing and want to write and have a habit that I could take anywhere.

And this seemed to line up perfectly with having a livestream at a set time because even if no one else turned up for any livestreams, I still had to turn up and do something.

2. I wanted to demystify and dispel some myths about writing books or the work that I do

It’s not easy to work out what I am writing or doing with the story half the time. The story doesn’t jump fully formed to the page. Some days I am tired because I have stared too much at other writing for journalism or editing work. But the story still needs to be told.

And I am faster at writing than some people and slower than others. I wanted to show people what it actually looks like and also that it can look a lot different from person to person.

And that you have to sit down and carve out time and do the work. There is no shortcut.

#writewithme livestream on 18 Jan 2021

3. I want to have awesome posts for my patrons on Patreon

So if you subscribe to my Patreon at the lowest tiers, you get access to my book draft as I write it.

But as with point 1 above, if I don’t make time to write, I don’t have any more of the draft to give my patrons.

So it sort of made sense to me to make accessing the livestreams free and using them to create something to give my patrons who can then come and gawk at me handwrite my novel and wring my hands if they want to.

4. I want to learn more about being on Youtube and grow my channel

When I post to Youtube and Twitch, my channel presence grows as more and more people find me and come to take a look.

And then I learn more about what people like and don’t like. They can tell me straight. I can see more clearly what people need to know and cater to that.

But I also learn more about working with video and platforms like Twitch and Youtube and this is a good way to do it right now for me because…

Bad hair day onn 19 Jan 2021’s #writewithme livestream

5. I need to wait to get some better equipment

I have a pretty cool laptop. It does a lot of cool things. But it does take more time than it should to edit videos and I can’t quite stream much newer games for my gaming channel yet.

But I can livestream myself working or writing. I can manage that. And I have the camera and lighting sorted.

Though possibly not my profile – have you noticed too that I have a hooked nose? I am embracing it. I am a word witch, so what?

6. I want to see more people like me as part of communities like gaming and #authortube

I don’t see a lot of First Nations or POC people on #authortube yet so I wanted to represent that and show people that diverse writers exist too. That it is hard work for us as well.

I want people to see themselves in the work and spaces they are inspired to do and to inhabit.

Let me know if you have favourite diverse authors that are part of #authortube! I would love to have a look and see what they are like and say hi.

20 Jan 2021’s #writewithme livestream where I accidentally talked for fifteen minutes while muted

7. I want to also run gaming livestreams

I am not going to start this yet but just know that this is in the works. And because it is in the works, I am learning a lot and preparing for it.

I might start with old school adventure games as they might play nicely with my laptop and my streaming software.

But the more I learn about livestreaming beforehand and get used to doing it regularly, the more I will be prepared for the gaming stuff when it does happen.

8. I want to do it, I want to try new things and challenge myself and it is a lot of fun.

Bar the tech issues. Many thanks to Amanda E and Creatrix Tiara for helping me sort those out.

But yes it is a new challenge. I want to see if I can do this. I want to see if I can balance everything that I am doing.

21 Jan 2021’s #writewithme livestream where I actually livestreamed for two hours instead of one. Thursday me probably had an inkling that Friday me might be too tired.

9. I want to learn new journalism skills

What do I mean by this? I mean that I want to learn how to speak better on camera and how to get some practice around that.

I have done this before with other skills. I built my own website to learn HTML and other related skills for example. Writing my own books has helped me a lot in terms of relating to my clients as an editor. There is a lot you can learn by throwing yourself in at the deep end as it were.

So I am throwing myself in at the deep end.

10. Livestreams can give people a focused way to work on things they want to work on and not feel so isolated

I know what it is like to feel isolated. I also know that it helps me to focus when I feel like other people are also working alongside me at the time.

It has helped me before to have some sort of online writing group and I thought that a livestream might help anyone who wants to have that sort group writing or work or study setup.

Now there are more people who do lots of #studywithme or #workwithme or #writewithme sessions online. Maybe mine won’t be the best option and that is fine too. But I wanted to provide it. If people feel comfy doing this with me then that is great.

So do you want to #writewithme via livestreams?

I am still working out what times and frequencies and lengths work best with my own personal schedule and what times suit the people who want to be part of the livestreams.

If you have any suggestions for times and days, please let me know. Leave a comment or get in touch with me and tell me what preferences you have so I can take them into consideration when I plan future livestreams.

Read what I am writing in the livestreams on Patreon.

Subscribe to me on Youtube so you don’t miss any notifications of upcoming livestreams.

Subscribe to me on Twitch if that is an easier way for you to watch me livestream and be notified.

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