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An update on Gin & Tonic

For those of you who are new and who may not be aware, I am writing a crime novel.

This should not really surprise anyone. I love reading crime fiction.

But I started writing this story last year. And I was lucky enough to smash out some huge chunks of words during my KSP and Varuna writing fellowship stays.

I am hoping the book ends up being this madcap dash through Colombo tropical city humidity and heat with two teenage girls puzzling their way through crimes and the cops chasing behind them, missing jewellery, murder, mayhem and secret bars and annoying aunties and all.

A few months ago I started waking up at four am to work on the book. To get the words down. This has worked out for me though I don’t always get to do it on a daily basis.

So this year, I thought, why not let people read the draft as I write it. The last time I tried this with HIM (currently on pause forever), it was a very clunky thing to do via WordPress and passwords for users and you name it.

So this year, I put it on Patreon. Every fortnight, you will get a part of the draft, all in sequence.

The first post is already up and live for Patreon subscribers.

This works out great because so far I have written 23,632 words and posts on Patreon are scheduled all the way up until mid July this year. And each day I am writing more so there will be more to come.

So every other Thursday or so, I will update you on how I am writing in real time with the draft here but if you want to read it and get to know the characters and so on, you can subscribe via Patreon for $1 per month (by the time you read the entire thing you would have paid me $24 odd for a book anyway so you can get a free copy when it gets published if you like) and get it serialised, problems and all, once a fortnight.

If you can’t subscribe, no big deal, you don’t have to. Share the link around with someone who might be keen to do so.

I tend to write by hand and then type my drafts up so right now I am estimating that I might have 2,000 to 3,000 more once I type it up. I will see if I can do that on the weekend and let you know next time how much I have managed to write so far.

And by all means ask me questions about the book. I am happy to answer. And if you want to know why there are ___ here and there, those are character names I have not decided on and I am taking suggestions so start naming.

Writing right now:

Right now I am writing about Inspector Peter Jansz confronting one of the girls over whether she is dating this guy named Suresh and why she is so interested in the case. It’s not going to go well for either of them at the moment.

General goals for G & T

  • Get to 50,000 words and see if the damn story has stopped.
  • Try and finish writing by March 31. That’s 26,368 more words to go and 66 days and 400 words per day.
  • See if I can plot a crime fiction storyline.
  • Name these characters because I want sequels.
  • Write daily, type up draft weekly, post fortnightly.

If you want to read the draft of Gin & Tonic, click the button below.

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