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HIM update for April 29

Quick explainer: I am writing my second book HIM and have staggered my word count goals this time. If you sign up to the mailing list or become a blog subscriber you get to read the first draft. If you don’t you just get this update on whether I hit my goals or not each week. Subscribers scroll down for your link, mailing list, you will get an email in your inbox.

Word count this week: 726
Total word count so far: 12,064
Total word count goal at this point: 20,000 for novella, 60,000 for novel

How long did it take me? 2 hours

What have I learnt?

  1. That this is very much an exploratory draft in a lot of ways still. At this point I am not sure I have sorted out Sophie’s voice. So I am just going to get all the words down on paper and see if I can get to the end of the story.
  2. But that getting to the end of the story bit? It’s hard – yet again I am worried that I have written myself into a corner with the storyline. Here’s a tip: don’t make a character that’s kind of clueless, helpless and a tad bit lost your main protagonist.
  3. People I write with are kind of amazed by the fact that I write with pen on paper and keep scribbling away. And I am  like, yes, yes, I do scribble and most of it is rubbish you realise and I just drop it into this very weird draft and the rest of you lovely readers probably scratch your head and wonder how I could possibly write stuff this bad and I just sort of hope that it will once finished be able to edit it into something worthwhile that perhaps you might be more used to seeing. Maybe. that was just a very long sentence.

What distracted me?

  1. I had cells coming off my eye. Yes. You read that right. A layer of cells was coming off my eye each time I blinked. This was first treated with a routine of different eye drops and lubricants to allow the eyelid to glide over the area and the cells to bed down and fix themselves. It didn’t work so instead I spent about five or six days going to the optometrist every day to have them take out a contact lens and insert another one so that it could act as a barrier between the cells and the eyelid and let the area heal. That worked but I now have to sleep with one eye full of ointment every night for the next six months.

    So yeah eyes. And trying to figure out where this story is going.

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