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Viva La Novella, Formaldehyde and Jane Rawson and I

I just flew back from Melbourne over the weekend.

I was in Melbourne for a reason: to help launch a book I had handpicked and edited for the Viva La Novella competition. If you’re following me on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, you would know all about it already.

The book was Formaldehyde by Jane Rawson – for months I had alluded to “the book” and “the author” keeping it under wraps as much as possible. My thanks to David Henley and Pam Hewitt for making it all happen.

So now I need you to go pick up a copy and read it. In this day and age, you as a reader are lucky – you can not only read a book but in this case you can talk to Jane and I via our blogs and social media about what you think of the book. I mean I am fully expecting questions where someone has found an error that I have missed.

So what is Formaldehyde about?

It’s going to ask you a question about identity – about whether it is you who determines who you are or something external to you. It’s also going to give you something weird and gross to be in equal measures disgusted and fascinated by. It may also, as it did to me, totally uproot you so you no longer know what time and era you are standing in.

And it’s a novella – it’s not asking you to invest as much time as you might do so if you were settling in to read a novel.

Over the next few weeks, Australian Women Writers will feature the winners and Jane’s interview is already online. You should also get ready to head over to Seizure’s website to read extracts from the novellas and all the editors’ notes. Go pick up a copy of Formaldehyde. Dymocks should have it. And here be photos of Jane and I at the launch event for thy vicarious pleasure.





Marisa is a globetrotting freelance writer, journalist and editor with cat for hire (her, not the cat). She is usually based in Melbourne but is currently flouncing around in Perth for a week for the Inaugural 2018 KSP - Varuna Foundation Fellowship. She will be at Melbourne's Continuum and online running a Writers' Bloc course in the coming weeks.

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