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Gin & Tonic Update #3

Well, now.


*insert air horn noise here*

We have hit 30,000 words!

Ok, so what now?

I am not done typing up the draft. But I have six more pages to go. So it probably won’t hit 33,000 but we all know I cannot math when it comes to word counts so who knows?

And you still get to read the draft on Patreon. In the third Patreon update, you get to find out a bit more about the two main protagonists – the two sisters as they discuss options for their future.

And you know how Sedition had geckos galore? Gin and Tonic seems to have cups of tea and pairs of sisters. It is so weird.

And a massive thank you!

Thank you to my current patrons – you all rock!

Where is the writing up to?

Sometimes the plot moves ahead when I type up the draft. And this time I have a few ideas about how we can get from one point to another in the plot.

So it has moved ahead in my mind but I am still trying to figure out where exactly this conversation between the Inspector and the older sister is going to go. But some things work themselves out in the writing.

Future ideas

I will be posting character notes and ideas on Patreon and I also hope to post an updated Aunty glossary as well. So keep an eye out for those.

And I still need to name characters, so there will be a list of characters that need names that will go out for people to have a stab at it. If you have a name for a character, you get to go into the acknowledgements of the book.

My friends Heba and Hasini have already named two characters: Dawood and Asha.

Following the fun on Patreon is only $1/month.

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