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The Safe Schools Rally, Perth, Australia

The Stand Up for Safe Schools rally was held on Monday 21 March in the Perth CBD.

“Do you want me to cover it for you?” I asked a few outlets.

“No, you can go but I don’t think we are planning anything on it.”

Now for those who are not plugged into Australian politics here is the brief:

We have a program called Safe Schools which teaches kids and staff not to bully LGBTQIA identifying students which then decreases the amount of mental health issues and youth suicide in the community.

The Federal government is now discussing cutting this program’s funding and scaling it back and making changes to it like making it an opt-in program which means that kids attending the program initiatives is now dependent on the viewpoint of their parents which may or may not coincide with the kids concerned.

The LGBTQIA community now has organised these rallies everywhere in Australia and this was the Perth one which is also interesting because quite recently in Western Australia, laws were discussed in the state parliament to make protesting illegal.

I am trying to do more video journalism work now. It may be a lot about protests, it may not always have a publication or an outlet but I will always upload everything to Youtube and onto this website.

If you have a story idea for me to cover, please let me know. Or ideas for other video series and projects on Youtube.

Equipment: This was filmed on an HTC Desire 826 with the native Camera app and edited on Edius 6.0 (the trial version) and Audacity (fiddling with some background music).

Permissions: Please do share the video if you like it, if you want to on your activist pages/platforms etc but if you want certain bits of it alone, let me know and I can either give you permission to edit it or do it myself and send it to you. If you are a broadcast/online outlet, please contact me first.


[aesop_video width=”60%” align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”jv_jP4fPIyg” caption=”The Safe Schools Rally in Perth” loop=”on” autoplay=”on” controls=”on” viewstart=”on” viewend=”on”]

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