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HIM and the experiment to write the draft under watching eyes

On January 1st I started a new project. I was going to write a new book and get Sedition edited and you got to watch while I wrote. And I told you that I was setting up a Patreon account for those who wanted to donate towards editing fees for Sedition by letting them see the drafts of HIM as I wrote HIM.

Which maybe was a bit odd but seriously Sedition is a bit all over the place and at least so far I am writing HIM in order.

But there were issues – many of you aren’t on Patreon and do not wish to sign up to another platform and I understand that completely. And you wanted an easier way and asked “Hey, can’t we just use PayPal?”¬†

And I thought about this and I said “Well, rather than have you email me each time should I not set up an option for you to pay me that way anyway?”

Which then kind of sent the rewards thing a bit out the window. Because how can you pay for something when you haven’t seen much of it yet? How do you know you want to back it? And I thought about Kickstarter but that requires a time period and a book deal already in place or at least means of publishing it so I can actually send you a copy.

I want to build a group, a community – I can only make the books the best they can be and keep submitting to an agent or publisher so book deals I have limited control over. Talking to you readers I can do ad nauseum – you are an interesting bunch.

So I explained in my newsletter that the deal is that now if you are signed up to the mailing list, you get access to the drafts. After that if you want to pay either via Patreon (if you are already on there) or via PayPal, you can. But donating is optional and you still get to read my work. And you get to provide feedback and comments and argue over what should happen next and so on.

There are 170 of you on the mailing list so far and like it or not I am calling you The Seditious Circle because you are helping me birth Sedition each time you comment/encourage me/leave feedback.

As for the blog, there will be update posts on here weekly so you have some idea of what’s going on if you are just subscribed to the blog but no drafts and no extended podcasts or other cool things either. Cool and informative posts for everyone yes but mailing list gets drafts and extras and what have you. Patreon patrons and PayPal donors get free signed copies of the book upon publication.

So I am sorry if it has been confusing over the past few weeks. I am still learning as I go and seeing what works and what doesn’t and trying to keep you all in mind as well in terms of what is easiest for you and what you would like to see. Thank you for your patience.

If you are interested in seeing what the HIM draft looks like so far and adding your two cents worth, sign up to the mailing list below:

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