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HIM update for February 12

Quick explainer: For those of you who don’t know yet, I am writing my second book HIM and have staggered my word count goals this time. If you are on the mailing list you get to read the first draft. If you don’t you just get this update on whether I hit my goals or not each week.

Word count goals this week: 5,000
Actual word count this week: 1128
Total word count so far: 3135
Total word count goal at this point: 15,000

How long did it take me? 2.5 hours

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What have I learnt?

  1. That when writing in sequence, the further you get into the book, the harder it may be to rack up the word count as fast as you would like.
  2. That at this point, writing HIM feels nothing like writing Sedition. I have yet to figure out if that is an issue with me changing as a person and in how I think of myself as a writer or whether that is just down to the fact that it is a new and different book.
  3. That, if anything, the best term for how I write my books is ‘exploratory drafts’ because my word, I just write. And hope I get something worthwhile out of the pile of words at the end.
  4. That, as I explained last week, I want it made easier for those on my mailing list to read and to interact with me so hey, you get it for free and payment is optional in draft stage and if you do pay, hey free copy coming your way once it is published.
  5. Also I am John Birmingham’s new favourite. Thanks John. 🙂 Always nice to be liked by fellow authors. By the way he has set up a Facebook page so you best go like it and tell him I sent you.
  6. That the story at the moment may be the most boring thing on the planet because I am getting the plot points down and that later on I will have to go back and do some rewriting to get Sophie’s voice and character coming out more.

What distracted me?

  1. A mad dash to finish work and to run necessary errands before flying and landing in Perth. And then not really predicting how tired and exhausted I would be. I got up and staggered to my writing group on Friday but they were equally surprised to see me there expecting me to sleep off jet lag but I was like “No! I am here! I will write!” And then I wrote 3000 words out of my 5000 words when I am now 10,000 words behind and somehow I am still stupidly optimistic that this book will end sometime in April. It has to – I have things to do ok?
  2. The aforementioned tiredness was huge but also so was settling back into life in Perth and setting things up again and then my laptop had to go to the technician’s which caused me great anxiety because usually I do all my upgrades and fixes myself. I should have written instead but I didn’t so I was stupid. And now the laptop is back, still unfixed (mix up with parts) and I could have at least hit this last week’s goal of 5000 words and got some way towards making up the word count deficiency.
  3.  The weekend was taken up with Fringe and the lovelife and then an impromptu decision to attend the PlayLovers Theatre’s AGM and then the week was full of laptop fixing, errands, union meetings and even more Fringe. Fringe everywhere!

What did I write about?

Being a socially awkward mess. Basically. There may have been an argument involved.


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Want to read the draft of HIM for free?


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