Happy Valentine's Day!

Here’s a secret: I don’t really like the idea of Valentine’s Day.



Well, because I think it can, if we are not careful enough, end up being an excuse to NOT work on our relationships for the rest of the year.

Lucy on love (c) Charles Schultz
Lucy on love (c) Charles Schultz


I don’t think that is a good thing. I think any relationship of any sort, romantic or otherwise, needs each person involved to continually spend time and effort working on it. All the time. Whatever it is that you actually do with each other.

I think the people in our lives are worth more than just one day of the year’s worth of attention. And if you obviously feel they are worth more then your actions should reflect that.

I also don’t like Valentine’s Day for another reason: it’s concept of romance and love.

Romance isn’t the chocolate, the roses, the jewelry. It’s not the big fancy wedding. It’s not the big love hearts.

Romance is something you can have on your own as well as with someone. It’s the hot drink you indulge in when it’s chilly and you feel snuggly and warm within yourself. It’s the fact that maybe your best day spent together involves a picnic in bed, snuggled up together with your favourite books. Or the fact that we used to set up Easter Egg hunts on various occasions throughout the year, throughout the flat that my ex partner and I shared. Or how whenever I had to travel by some miracle whenever I opened up my suitcase at my destination, there was a large bar of chocolate packed right on top. Or how certain people wore superhero T-shirts when picking me up at an airport.

My ex and I split up after a long relationship and from time to time I do remember the romance in the relationship – the little hints that I was loved. I still do believe it was for the best that we parted ways but I do look back fondly on those romantic moments.

So I hope Valentine’s Day for you is just another day in the 365 days of the year that you romance your partner (or partners if you will).

Giveaway time

Since I am not a “stereotypical romantic” I tend to stay away from the romance genre of literature and therefore have no such titles to give away.

But I am willing to write you a short story – perhaps even for your partner as a romantic gift.

Want a short story written specifically for you?

To enter,  leave a comment below and tell me your best non-stereotypical, non-Hallmark/non-Hollywood/non-Disney romantic gesture or moment that you either experienced or can come up with.

I will pick the best one and contact you by email to work out what kind of story you want.

And if you are single, even better, I can write you a story with the partner of your choice if you like. 😉

Marisa is a globetrotting freelance writer, journalist and editor with cat for hire (her, not the cat). She is currently based in Melbourne.

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