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6 May 2013: MediaPass Student Industry Day

Baby, I'm A Rockstar! (Photo credit: Marisa Wikramanayake)
Baby, I’m A Rockstar! (Photo credit: Marisa Wikramanayake)

Apparently I am “amazing”. So amazing in fact that the Walkley team have asked me to be part of the Young Journalists Panel this year at the MediaPass Student Industry Day.

Where: State Library of WA, Perth
When: 6 May 2013 – 9 am onwards
Who else will be there? Colleen Egan is the keynote speaker for a start and Patrick Horneman will be there as well.
Who can attend: Anyone who is a journalism or communications student at undergraduate/postgraduate level.
How: Sign up here.
Cost: FREE.
What will I be speaking on? My experiences as a freelancer and why I got into it and how and then answering questions. Provided there are questions. As usual if you are attending you are free to tweet using @mwikramanayake and the hashtag #rockstarfreelancelifestyle

Be there or be yesterday’s news!

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