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Book Review Published: Graham Greene's May We Borrow Your Husband?

Compendium has finally updated. It’s been a long time coming. It was supposed to be multi-author blog but that hasn’t been much of a success with a lot of people being time poor. Including myself.

Anyway, I picked up two Graham Greene books for $20 AUD at a Freo Elizabeth’s Bookshop and I started reading May We Borrow Your Husband? while on the train and had to restrain myself from laughing out loud and making a lot of sympathetic noises.

Go buy the book now. You can get a used copy for $0.01 on Amazon. And here is a teaser for the review which you can read here.

May We Borrow Your Husband? (1967)

If you have never before read Graham Greene, then you need to read him now.  With the same sense of humour as P. G. Wodehouse and the same innate curiousity about sex, gender and social mores as Oscar Wilde, he delights in this collection of stories – May We Borrow Your Husband? and other comedies of the sexual life – published in 1967.

These are stories about sexuality, about obessions and desires, about the often confused way in which we go about interacting with people we love or lust after.  Most of these stories are recounted via the first person narrative – usually a middle aged man observing others – which makes you feel even more so than usual that this must have been what was on his mind at the time.

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Cheers, Marisa.

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  • ivana

    I read Graham Greene , of course. He is wonderful writer and storyteller… Unfortunatelly I only watched the tv movie ” May we borrow your husband” with one and only Dirk Bogarde… I shall definitely order a book… Thanks.

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