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Climate of despair cannot combat global warming

Prof. Newman discussing the future and climate change at the WA SEA event Photograph by Marisa Wikramanayake

Date published: 20th May 2010
Publication: Science Network WA
Editor: David Satterthwaite
Author/Photographer: Marisa Wikramanayake
Title: Climate of despair cannot combat global warming
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AT a recent event held by the Western Australian Sustainable Energy Association, Professor Peter Newman of Curtin University discussed the past, present and future of climate change in Australia and issued a call to action.

Prof Newman summarised the history of the environmentalism and climate change movement in Australia and highlighted three key problem areas: pricing, the attitude of despair, and politics.

He compared the current policy attitude of pricing carbon appropriately to the carrot and stick analogy, commenting, “It’s a lot easier to do carrots.”

Prof Newman’s key message was that all the factors had to be considered when considering solutions to climate change. He said the public would only change their behaviour if they were given the choice and the ability to act, along with the hope or knowledge that their efforts made a difference somehow, no matter how small.

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