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The Australian Women Writers’ Challenge 2016

image-200x300So in case you didn’t know, I often volunteer, and often fail (sorry Elizabeth) at rounding up and discussing what people have read for the Australian Women Writers’ Challenge in the genres of non fiction and short fiction and poetry. Occasionally, I interview authors for podcasts as well.

The Challenge aims to get people reading more books written in all genres by Australian female and female identifying writers and to promote their work since we seem unable to rely on mainstream media to do a good enough job of doing so with no gender or racial bias involved.

This year we hope to introduce a bingo card element to the entire challenge. I have stated 10 books for my challenge this year but I am happy to read and review more than those ten books if I can.

I also want to do more and not fall off the bandwagon with my responsibilities for Australian Women Writers this year because I feel awful about not hitting my mark last year and I need to do a far better job this year.

So I invite you to join in with me. Keep me accountable too. Poke me online every month and say “Hey, where’s the round up? Where’s the interview? How much have you read so far?”

And to keep up with what’s happening with the challenge on Twitter, you can follow the @Auswomenwriters account and the hashtag for this year #aww2016.

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  • Elizabeth Lhuede

    Thanks for all your efforts, Marisa! There are no failures with the AWW challenge – especially for our hard-working volunteers. Everything is a bonus! Looking forward to another great year of reading.

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