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Music Review: The Beautiful Few's The Nights You Did Your Hair

RTR FM has just published the music review I wrote for The Beautiful Few’s The Nights You Did Your Hair.

The link for RTR FM is here.

The full review is below:

The Beautiful Fews The Nights You Did Your Hair
The Beautiful Few's The Nights You Did Your Hair

There is a song for every single moment or so The Beautiful Few would have you believe. Kieran Carroll, Clinton Bale, Troy and Jason Parker and Matt Tracy have released their third album, The Nights You Did Your Hair. It is a collective effort with several guest vocalists including Anthony Atkinson, Marisa Fazio, Justin Hayward, Julitha Ryan, Brett Poliness, Amaya Lauricia and Andrew Keese. There is humour in The Grouch, a song about getting annoyed with modern day life, sung by Mikel Simic. Afternoon Pier Song, sung by Adam Cole is about being lonely during the day when you have nothing to do save for boring old routine. From Your Atlas At Home with Gregory Day is about trying to maintain a long distance relationship and Big Softies with Rob McDowell and Lisa Illean is about convincing your partner to stay with you in a relationship. It even has a glockenspiel thrown in.

The other standout track on the album is Marcus Teague’s To Love You For A Day with the heartbreaking lyric: “Where did the idea of us go?” Tony Cornish helped produce the album and has even contributed piano, drum programming and bass on some of the tracks. Want to build a soundtrack to your life? This album would help fill in the gaps that you never found the right song for. The Beautiful Few have done the hard work for you so go buy the album now.


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