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Scientology, R2-45s & my articles for 3rd Degree

It’s been a busy week.

I have spent the last two weeks interviewing, researching and tracking down information on Scientology, suppressive persons and suppressive person declares¬†(actual list here) and these little orders called R2-45s which basically refer to any Scientologist being able to shoot someone through the head with a .45 Colt Pistol for the sake of freeing that person’s soul or “thetan”.

I have talked to Scientology representatives and breakaway members and to former members and people who protest against the Church of Scientology’s activities. The first two groups maintain that R2-45s are a joke despite it been listed as a means of dealing with people on some orders declaring certain people to be enemies of the organisation or “suppressive persons”.

The second two groups maintain that the Church is dangerous to its members and to those who oppose it.

Breakaway members even side with protesters and former members in stating that there is a lot of violence that goes on within the Church.

And then the Church goes and does absolutely mad things like inform the Australian Government that it does not want to comply with employee rules and regulations because it somehow isn’t fair to people who volunteer their time with the organisation despite the Fair Work Act making plenty of provisions for volunteers. Only a few months ago it claimed quite wrongly that the new Mental Health Bill in Western Australia would allow children as young as 12 to be sterilised.

So why am I doing all this work? To write this article for 3rd Degree.

I am completing a Master in Communications degree at Edith Cowan University, in Western Australia. As part of the entire course, I am taking a class that requires me to write articles on a weekly basis for 3rd Degree. I like to do the best I can on the articles I write.

So if you assign me something potentially juicy like this, there is no way I am not going to dig for more. There is no way I am not going to talk to members of Anonymous or go diving into the depths of Wikileaks a bit more.

So if I haven’t been around, I have been playing in the huge sandpit that 3rd Degree has been for me, trying my hand out on all sorts of articles in each section. And occasionally as I dig in the sand, I find something precious.

Read the article – let me know what you think.

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