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Band: Moneen
Album: The World I Want To Leave Behind
Genre: Alternative; Australian; Rock.


If you are looking for something that sounds very much like a cross between Limp Bizkit and Fall Out Boy, look no further than Moneen’s latest album The World I Want To Leave Behind. The quartet admits as much on their sleeve notes that the sound of this album as opposed to their last one is darker than usual. For a first time listener, it doesn’t seem that dark at all. As musicians, the band holds together well. There is no discordance at all, it is just that despite the well crafted and performed tracks, most of them sound like something you have heard before from the emo rock genre. Moneen are not reinventing the wheel here, despite the occasional interesting hook – the track The Long Count being one example.

So why pick up this album at all? Simple – it is different to what Moneen have accomplished previously for one thing. Another reason is the title track, which so far is the best track on the album. You also cannot fault the craftsmanship and the lyrics despite the overall sound not being particularly edgy, different or new. Moneen will be going places once they figure out what their sound will be because unlike most other bands, they have got the basics right. For every music pioneer and trendsetter, there are those that continue following trends and thereby create a genre out of them. Moneen is one such band; pick this album up today.

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