I am the first result on Google!


Here’s some good news – well, good news for me at least.

Type “marisa” into Google and click the “pages from Australia” option and I am the first result that shows up.

Type “editor, western Australia” into Google and hit enter and I am the first result again.

Type “marisa” and hit enter and I am the fifth to sixth FIRST unique result.

Now how the hell did I acheive this?

I made it simple. My website name is my name because coupled with my unfamiliar first and last names, a different website name would make it too hard for most of my potential clients to remember. Most of my potential clients are not Sri Lankan or familiar enough with Sri Lankan culture to be able to remember my last name well enough. So I am marketing my very short, somewhat familiar first name. They may never remember my last name but they don’t have to.

I also made it a blog, with all the relevant meta tags and keywords in both pages and posts. Each post is considered a new page by the search engine spiders therefore it should have tags. I have a 1000+ tags and there are usually 40 to 50 per post and so I don’t make the tags visible at the end of posts because it would just be untidy and annoying. However, I do keep the tag cloud going in the sidebar and I have a related posts section at the end of each post. There is also a drop down category bar.

I try to make it easier for people – I include all the popular misspellings of my name and whatever I am talking about in each post. Hey, I am an editor and writer, I help people with their spelling and grammar so I should be marketing to those who are not really good at it.

I use the Google Sitemap plugin.

I also submitted my site to Google manually and waited. I listed my business in the Google Maps section.

I submitted my site to blog aggregators and planet sites. Thanks to all those who allowed me to do so.

WordPress shows me what people search for when they come to my site. If it is something that I want to talk about and usually it is, since the words are keywords I use, then I write a post about it. This is one way I keep the SIMS 3 post going: people don’t often ask questions despite being invited to and I don’t get to play the game as often as I would like to but I can see their search words and it is pretty easy to figure out what exactly they are looking for.

I would also like to thank all those who think my blog posts are worth retweeting or passing on via Facebook. Thanks for that. I appreciate it. I see quite a few of you clicking through regularly so I hope whatever I do have on here is relevant and informative.

So how well does your site rank with Google? Do you know where your online audience comes from and what they look for? Do you know what you should be including in your tags, keywords and meta data and do you know how to do it?

More importantly, do you need help doing it? If you want an online presence for any reason, it should be a good one and one that works for you. If you need help getting a better ranking, pulling a design together, figuring out your CSS so that it is W3C compliant or just need some copyediting done, drop me a line. If I can do it for myself, I can help you out too, so let me know.

Cheers, Marisa.

Marisa is a globetrotting freelance writer, journalist and editor with cat for hire (her, not the cat). She is currently based in Melbourne.


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