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03/05/2009 Perth Diary Now Online!

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Perth Diary: Staying ahead of the pack

It’s getting harder and harder to find work. Eight hours prior to this moment, WA Today reported that a particular company in WA will be cutting about 360 jobs.

It’s like a joke without a punchline. I caught a train to the city for an interview for a simple position as a bartender. The interview took all of two to five minutes and while the person interviewing me was the nicest person by far to do so, it was a bit annoying. The really outstanding part is that he told me why it wasn’t going to take that long to interview me – he had to interview 70 to 80 other applicants.

Bartending is always a popular choice of part time work. A lot of people don’t realise how hard it can be and that they really have to be able to remember recipes, laws and procedures about who you serve and how and be able to do calculations in your head really fast. People think it is a cool job and so they apply.

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