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Perth Diary Article for 22nd March 2009 Online

The Sunday Leader published the Perth Diary article for the 22nd of March 2009. Sometimes I really wonder why they don’t make my life easier and put up an RSS link. Wouldn’t that be so much easier? Link and teaser is below the fold. 😀

Perth Diary: I am in the music business — sort of.

I get to receive free CDs.

If you want to hear new music, quite often the best place to find it is an alternative station. Here, in a quite bizarre way, the major young-audience geared radio station is Triple J.

What makes it bizarre is that a) it is a government funded and run radio station, b) it is an alternative music station and c) it currently is the number one radio station in the country which means in some rather bizarre kind of way, alternative music has become mainstream.

How can alternative music become mainstream? Well here, in Australia, what is played on Triple J these days is a lot of emo, neo grunge, neo punk and neo goth. And they all sound the same. It’s as if the era of the garage band never really died.

Every year there is a fabulous new garage/emo/punk/goth band whose biggest hit is usually something that sounds like it should belong in either the extremely bubble pop dance genre or the “we are going to be really bad at it so that you know for sure we are heavy metal” genre. And they always seem to top the charts when they countdown to the biggest hit of the year before every Australia Day.

If you look on the Perth Diary page, you will also see that they nearly always get my title wrong. I always try to have a catchy title and then a great starting paragraph that’s usually one line long. They almost always make my first paragraph the title of the article. I thought I was making it reasonably clear but that’s editorial license for you.

Enough of that, the rest of the article is here if you want to read it.

I don’t have permission to reproduce it in full here.

Cheers, Marisa.

Marisa is a globetrotting freelance writer, journalist and editor with cat for hire (her, not the cat). She is currently based in Melbourne.

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