• Buddhima

    Hello there 🙂 long time no see! hehe
    a tip abt RSS, use Google Reader instead of Gmail. It’s specifically built for RSS 🙂

  • Marisa

    Hi Buddhima,

    Yes you can use Google Reader which usually requires you to have a google account/gmail account anyway. It’s just that I prefer Gmail – each alert is a seperate conversation with all the other information from the same alert attached and you see the latest one but can quickly flip back to any other one you want. SO even if I had 61 items on “books”, I’d see the 61st one but I could click the set of emails and see the 21st one. With Google Reader far as I am aware you have to keep clicking next/older and go back via pages to see a news item you wanted to see before.

    But yeah to each his own. Also lots of people want things in their email inbox.

    Definitely long time no see. What are you upto?

    Cheers, Marisa.

  • Buddhima

    Ok you need to use Reader. You’ve got it wrong 😀
    A single site’s feed is shown in 1 screen, you just have to scroll down, just like Gmail. And you can sort it latest/oldest, which Gmail can’t do.
    You can arrange feeds into folders, you can share them, favourite them etc.
    Basically it does a better job of RSS than Gmail. Of course you can still use email but Reader is more efficient in that sense. Power-user tools 🙂

    I am upto a lot of things! I’ll fill you in elsewhere, not here hehe

  • Bailaman

    Thanks for the links Marisa. Just a suggestion. Do away with the Kontera In text ADS and move over to Adsense. It pays better, less obtrusive and delivers relevant AD content that people will actually click.


    • Marisa

      I did put ads on but eventually decided it wasn’t worth it. So I took both Adsense and Kontera off. However, when I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress it may have accidentally reinstalled Kontera somehow. I will take the Kontera off the server and see. I cannot see any on the page and neither can a couple of other people though it keeps showing up in the Adblocker on FireFox. If you could point me to a specific example on a page somewhere on the site, I’d be grateful so I can fgure out why even when it isn’t activated it’s still showing up?

      Thanks, Mari.

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