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International Women's Day: And the backlash has started…

Note: This is my second attempt at writing this so it isn’t as wonderful as the first one was. Also these articles were originally posted as part of the blogging challenge for International Women’s Day on Emergen.

It’s almost half past eight. Most of my friends have now woken up and headed off to work and have logged on to at the very least wish each other “Happy IWD day”.

I’d like to think that they knew about the date and event because I’ve been harping on about it on FB for awhile.

But as with anyone supporting any cause, there is a backlash.

There have been a few negative comments on Twitter already. And a couple on a few articles in various publications.

There are some who think this is all just media hype that we are buying into – that all this goodwill etc won’t last beyond a day or a week.

There are others who are by now turned off because of the huge amount of coverage this seems to have had in the past few days alone.

There are others who acknowledge how important it is but also acknowledge that they can’t seem to get past their personal cynicism to offer any thing inspiring to say.

So I think it’s important to remember that in the midst of all the blogging, tweeting, facebook status updating and posting: a) let’s not spam anyone; b) people may get turned off anyway; c) there will be some vitriol thrown your way for who knows what reasons; and, d) let’s not limit our efforts to just today or this week.

This is a great opportunity to become aware of the issues, to find out what’s been done about them and to find out how we as individuals can make some sort of positive change in the world, or even just in our little corner of it.

Let’s continue this past the next 24 hours. Let’s make a move towards not having to have a day like this in the future or a debate on inequality. Let’s pick up our cynical and pessimistic sisters (and brothers) along the way and give them the hope and inspiration they need to realise that maybe, just maybe they can make a positive change in the world as well.


Marisa is a globetrotting freelance writer, journalist and editor with cat for hire (her, not the cat). She is currently based in Melbourne.

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