Living below the line

NOTE: I am living below the poverty line on $2 per day for five days to raise awareness and funds for Global Poverty Project so that they can attempt to eradicate global poverty and hunger. I am currently on day 5 and this is my blog update:

Apparently, the Rapture occurs tomorrow.

Apparently tomorrow is the last day on the planet – at least for the chosen few.

Which kind of makes you wonder, would I have spent the past five days on this challenge had I known this beforehand?


Or if I believed it?
I have to go to a networking meeting tonight – that’s going to be wonderful, sitting there, not able to eat or drink while everyone else does.

On Day 3, I was able to sit there while a friend ate and drank in front of me so maybe I will make it. Maybe.

But if I have enough self control NOT to devour everything else in my fridge, why can’t I use the same self control in the rest of my life?

I’m not sure – something in my brain must not work right.
My mother wants to know why I am doing this. According to her, I am thin enough already.
It’s kind of strange to see the people who have donated though – one family member, one close friend and the rest are wonderful great people – two of whom I have never actually met in person, the rest acquaintances from some other life I lived once many years ago. .

Wow. I have the largest impact on the people I have never met?

Maybe my best social years are behind me. Now that’s a sobering thought.

The other thing I have noticed is that I am less efficient when I am hungry. Which makes me wonder if we, globally, are missing something here. What could these 1.4 billion plus people who are starving be potentially capable of IF they had food, time, money and opportunity? What are we missing out on by not changing the way things work so they get what they need to survive?

Which I guess is the point.

Funnily enough, I am rather blase about the end of the challenge. I want to eat something different, true, and I want to eat a lot of it, whatever it is. But I cannot make up my mind what it will be and I cannot decide whether to start at midnight tonight or to go to bed and wait till Saturday morning.

That would be a great way to end the day, wouldn’t it? Spend all of Saturday eating like crazy and then on Saturday night, the Rapture just may occur.

Maybe. 😉 😛


To sponsor me, go here: If you don’t want to, that’s fine, pass it on to someone who can. I am stuck at 64% of the money I would like to raise so if you can donate, please do.

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