Midweek roundup 03/10/2012

I WAS supposed to write something today but i have things to do.

You know, like work. Like invoicing people so I get paid and, most importantly, the cat has kitty litter and cat food.

And like a thesis. That the cat has only allowed me to work on in the hopes that it may boost my income somehow (I still fail to see how) and thereby provide her with more opportunities to nick avocado, prawns and bread and go through boxes of cat food at 40 miles per hour.

So I am working on the thesis (which mostly consists of me writing it in my head and panicking) and I am working. And I am being distracted by all sorts of cool things.

Cool things which I decide to curate (oooh, look I used a modern jargonistic word usually referring only to a) a member of the hierachy of the christian religion and b) to the duties of museum employees) for thy viewing/listening/consuming pleasure:


And in all things scientifically awesome beyond awesome this week, I found out that my friend @scienceupulie – one half of the brains behind @DearSirDavid (website here) – has started up a podcast on all things awesome to do with science and popular culture, called Facts for the PostFactual (@factspostfact). Her co-host is Will J Grant and today in a massively awesome move on behalf of all things scientific and pop culture geeky, they discussed the scientific possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

This was only made even more awesome by the guest starring role played by the OTHER half of @DearSirDavid, Ms Mags Lum herself who is none other WA President of the Australian Science  Communicators and one of my fellow science writers at Science Network WA. You know, the one I am eternally in an unofficial (ie only I care about it) competition as to who gets the most hits on our articles (so far she is winning with her 10,000+ on turtles). Of course Mags was on there sounding rather bemused at how fast Upulie & Will‘s brains were working.

In the middle of listening to said podcast, lo and behold, a tweet came through on TweetDeck! In more fantastic news, a new citizen science project was unveiled by The Zooniverse site – you get to move through European forests while attempting to detect bats. Bats. If you tie this into vampire themed parties and tours, how awesome would it be?

But then things got even more exciting: CSIRO sent me an email. If you’re keen on astronomy then thou should be at this link for a webcast at 12 noon WST (Aus) and 2 pm AEST (Aus) on Friday 5th October. That is all I can say.


If you ever wanted to know how NOT to write a book, this is what you should be reading.  Sam Jordison isn’t pulling any punches.

I do have more to come on a discussion the #litchat group had online about Penguin suing authors who fail to deliver their manuscripts but have taken advances.

But right now I have photos to edit and a thesis to panic over write.

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