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07/06/2009 Perth Diary Is Online!

The Perth Diary column for this week is now online here.

Here’s the teaser:

Gauging Winter Down Under

There is a rhythm to country life. It consists of watching the rainfall. When you wake up in the morning and have breakfast, you go out to check your rainfall gauge, which usually consists of a propped up marked container stuck outside somewhere. You count how many milliliters or inches of rainfall you have got on your property and come back to report it to the household and write it down in a log book.

When you sit down to lunch, the radio takes pride of place on or near the table. Everyone is all ears as the ABC News Service starts discussing the weather and then goes on to read out the rainfall measurements for various places across the state: “Narrogin, 28 mls, Albany 5, Porongorups 5, …”

After dinner, the farming community being what it is, if they haven’t called after breakfast, they call each other. “How much did you get?” “Did you get any rain or was it just a dust storm or wind storm over your way?” Then they proceed to worry about it. “How will the cows have any green grass – Jim says he only got 6 mls today!”

Click here to read the rest of the column….

Cheers, Marisa.

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