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Perth Diary for 6th Sept 2009 is online

Hi all,

Yes, I’ve been absent. I have been sick with the flu. I am back now though.

Here is the latest installment of Perth Diary:

The time to write

Virginia Woolf said that a woman needs a room of her own in order to write. What she meant was that in the 1930s, a woman needed to have an income, a household sufficiently managed by someone else or themselves, a roof over her head, sufficient time and an actual physical room of her own, preferably with a door that could be locked.

I think this should be extended to all writers, regardless of gender. What Woolf said makes sense because it’s never just a question of making time to write, it’s a question of having the emotional and mental energy to do it as well.

If you are concerned all the time about where the money is going to come from to pay the rent or the bills, about whether dinner needs to be ready by such a time for everyone else or if you have come home after work, you can’t write. You can’t write if you are tired after working all day.

You can’t write if you are worried about money. You can’t write if you are cold all the time. You can’t write if you are worried that you may be evicted anytime soon. You can’t write if you are starving, despite that lovely idea that a lot of famous writers were living in the gutter kind of poor before or while they wrote and published their best sellers. …

To read the rest of the article, click here. As always, feel free to post your $0.02 in the comments.

Cheers, Marisa.

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