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The winner of the Australia Day Blog Hop Book Giveaway

… is Jess Fitzpatrick from The Neverending Bookshelf which is sort of appropriate because I don’t have one of those and I am running out of bookshelf space myself.

Jess Fitzpatrick, you should have an email from me in your inbox to which you should reply with a) your postal address and b) your choice of TWO books from the following:

Aleks Krotoski’s Untangling The Web (non-fiction: science)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Michael Hawton’s Talk Less, Listen More: Solutions for children’s difficult behaviour (non-fiction: parenting)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Mark Willacy’s Fukushima: Japan’s tsunami & the inside story of the nuclear meltdowns (non-fiction: science)
Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena (contemporary fiction)
Sue Grafton’s W is for Wasted (crime fiction)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Helen Owen’s Get Selfish, Get Happy (non-fiction: self help)
AUSSIE AUTHOR: Daniel Priestley’s Become A Key Person Of Influence (non-fiction: self help)

LAST MINUTE ADDITIONS TO THE LIST: Ben Marcus’ The Age of Wire and String and Julian Barnes’ The Somnambulist

The books you get to choose from for the Australia Day book giveaway.
The books you get to choose from for the Australia Day book giveaway.

Please do remember that the cat is not part of the deal.

If you missed out and are devastated, please remember that on 4 Feb, it’s Sri Lanka’s Independence Day. If you are keen to win a copy of Sri Lankan author Yasmin Gooneratne’s The Pleasures of Conquest, then keep an eye out for Tuesday’s post.

There will be more giveaways soon. Subscribe to the blog to keep track of them so you’re first in to enter.

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