Muse for hire

A mentor you can call on is a great thing but life is too short to NOT have more light bulb moments so what if you had a muse instead?

What if I was your muse? For three months you get a set amount of sessions with me to brainstorm/troubleshoot/hack together your latest idea or project or book or even, your latest business. It’s not quite a coaching session, it’s not quite a mentoring gig – it’s more like all of those plus a brainstorming buddy, a cheerleader and the quirky business partner you have always wanted.

You become one of two lucky people to get about 20 sessions with me within three months with a passion for cool ideas, a list of contacts to introduce you to and a brain full of trivia and knowledge that you can dig through to find some useful treasure in.

Freelance journalism

If you have an audience then you need stories. You need someone who can write straight news or feature pieces, spot a statistic that doesn’t add up at ten paces, add context to make an overlooked issue newsworthy and relevant and come up with ideas for stories and turn in work with perfect spelling, grammar and research on deadline.

I have worked as a journalist in two countries, in both print and online newsrooms and in broadcast work as a radio and TV producer. I can script, research, speak to camera, interview and edit text, audio and footage and then give you a promotion strategy for social media that is the best fit for your audience. I have reported on political, business, science and the arts. You can hire me on a contract or freelance basis or, providing I am available, on a part time/full time basis. Get in touch if you need a journalist.

Manuscript editing

Pop the champagne, your manuscript is done! You are asking yourself: “Now what?”

I can answer that question: you find an editor and get your manuscript edited. I’m an editor and I have worked with both fiction and non-fiction authors both as individual clients and through publishers and some have gone on to win awards. I have judged competitions as well so I have an eye for a good story and I can make sure that story is what gets seen in the end.

We start with a free consultation so you can ask me all the questions you need to.


Sometimes you don’t know exactly what you need when it comes to your writing but you find yourself wishing that there was someone you could ask. Someone who could guide you, tell you what the next step was or stop you from waltzing down the garden path. Someone who could answer your questions about publishing, the writing process, about reining in your characters before they wander and who could come in and help you fill in the plot holes with some concrete and resurfacing. Someone who could clear out the dust bunnies.

You need a mentor. I have the time, the experience and the knowledge. And as always, your first hour is free.