Muse for hire

Sometimes mentoring isn’t enough. Sometimes you need this weird combination of trivia whiz kid, idea generator, problem solver, business coach, project manager, cheerleader and organiser. Sometimes you need a muse. And that’s one of the services that I provide.

What do you get? 90 days or 3 months of guidance/brainstorming/mentoring hour long sessions (20 sessions in total) plus a free consultation. Each session can be conducted via a phone call, Skype or in-person depending on where you are in the world.

We can brainstorm or organise or plan out your project/book/idea/business. It DOES NOT have to be a literary or journalism related project at all.

How much? $1000 AUD (breakdown of 20 sessions at $50 per hour).

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You have an idea but you also have a lot of questions about how to get started and what exactly to do. Or perhaps you find yourself stuck and unable to progress further. This is when you wish you had a mentor. And I offer mentoring services.

What do you get? Mentoring, advice and assistance on aspects of editing, writing or freelancing via one hour conversations over phone/Skype/in person.

If you feel you need ongoing mentoring, you can book hourly sessions in sets of ten and use them when you need them.

How much? $50 AUD per hour long session. Also available in sets of ten at $500.

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Freelance journalism

Got a gap in your editorial calendar? Need a correspondent quickly? Usually I pitch to publications but if you need a stringer or regular correspondent or just need someone to take on a story, I do both features and news articles, can file for print, online, radio and TV and am handy at social media. Occasionally, I travel and am able to cover stories and events from other locations – keep an eye out on the blog for when I am in a new location next.

What do you get? I file copy via email really quickly. I can write for radio, interview, record and edit audio and also film and edit footage if needed. Let me know what you need.

How much? Rates start at around 80 cents AUD to $1 AUD per word for individual pieces. If work is ongoing, rates can be negotiated on how often I am required to file. Rates will also vary depending on where your publication is located so your best bet is always to have a chat with me via email first.

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 Manuscript editing

I edit both non-fiction and fiction manuscripts either working directly with authors or via publishers and several works I have edited for authors have gone on to win national awards such as the Fairway Literary Awards and the Paris Book Festival Art Book Awards.

What do you get? You get initial feedback on your manuscript, complete with a brief or contract of what needs to be done and deadlines. You then get several rounds of both structural and copy edits as is required complete with comments explaining the changes, a list of queries for the author and a style sheet with set styles and spellings. The last round is a proofreading round. All changes are suggested and acceptance or rejection of changes is up to the author. You also get consultations with me as part of the process if you require them at any stage. Occasionally I also offer typesetting services for authors if needed.

How much? I quote a project fee depending on the work required on the manuscript and the author’s location.

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Copy/content writing and SEO rewriting services

Sometimes you just need someone who can write blog posts, articles, copy for ads and webpages. Someone who can turn a phrase, who understands how to cram a lot of information in to a small number of words. I have written a lot of copy and content for marketing agencies and organisations.

What do you get? You get well researched, well written copy and content for brochures, publications, blog posts and webpages with careful attention to what your audience needs and understands and great use of keywords and SEO.

How much? $0.60 to $1 per word for copy and content writing services. $100 per article for SEO and keyword rewriting services. If you have over twenty articles to write, I am happy to negotiate a bulk rate for the work.

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Website, digital and social media services

If you don’t have time to do it yourself or you don’t know how to code, how to navigate the back end of a server or you just need someone savvy to run your social media platforms, why not hire me? I have been building websites since 1998 on a variety of platforms and I built this one. I have run social media for several organisations and provided and created content for social and digital platforms for years.

What do you get? Me, on a retainer, running your website, digital or social media platform for you whether that means just maintenance or includes providing content as well that is tailored to your audience so that they engage with your brand. I am interested in helping you have a cohesive strategy that combines paid, earned and owned media with great content.

How much? $200 AUD per month to manage/moderate a platform and $500 – 1000 AUD per month to both manage/moderate and create and provide content as well.

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Creative writing services

Honestly, deep down, I am a writer. A creative one who tells stories. But perhaps you need a creative piece for a project. Or you have a memoir for me to ghostwrite. Or you are a publication in need of a fictional fix.

What do you get? Simply put: a story. Give me an idea of what you need, if you have a theme in mind or if it is a memoir you want me to help write or a collaborative effort. I will do my best to give you words in return.

How much? It will depend on the project so your best bet is to get in touch and book a time to chat. I am always happy to negotiate rates.

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Need a word whiz to train your word whizzes? Need someone to give a talk to an audience on the wonders of writing, the ins and outs of freelancing or what it’s like to be an editor? You can see my previous speaking and workshop gigs and events here.

What do you get? A speaking session for up to an hour in either Q & A or lecture format or a workshop of up to 3 hours on a given topic with additional material provided in handouts.

How much? Speaking gigs are usually $300 AUD, workshops $500 AUD but if you have a budget or want to negotiate rates, please get in touch. I occasionally do the free gig/workshop here and there for not for profits.

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