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    John Green on How to make things and why

    John Green, he of Looking for Alaska, The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns fame, wasn't always great at telling stories, mostly because he claims he had the wrong idea about why one should create and tell stories in the first place. This is a lovely, honest video about what it means to be a writer or a creator of anything and why we should continue it.

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    Elizabeth Gilbert on the drive to keep creating

    Last week I shared Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on the creative genius and the expectations we place on people. A few years after that talk, she gave another one – this time it was about how to navigate the vagaries of creative work – not just thinking about creativity and genius but also how to get back into a productive state where you can not only shield yourself from expectations and fears but also carry on with your work and reconcile both failure and success. And she makes a good point about what home is – she asks what one loves more than one loves oneself or one’s ego and…

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    On pens, paper and meaning

    I have a sudden irresistible urge to buy pens. That gush with ink with colours seeping into white woven fibres on the page. Paper was meant to be written, scribbled, scrawled, drawn on, meaning overflowing arbitrarily declared boundaries. Everything ever present or absent on a page means something, and contributes to a larger idea and even more amazingly, can be wrought so that the exact intended idea is conveyed or so the reader is free to dream beyond convention. Someone go buy me pens. Because there is paper here. – Marisa Wikramanayake