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    Elizabeth Gilbert on the elusive creative genius

    From time to time, I need to remind myself that writing is what I love doing. That I don’t need to take on other people’s expectations while doing it. So I really appreciate Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk on the topic of expectations and the idea of genius. And I think anyone doing anything creative is going to benefit from this too. So even though this video is a few years old now, just in case you have not seen it, here you go – let me know what you think in the comments:

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    On pens, paper and meaning

    I have a sudden irresistible urge to buy pens. That gush with ink with colours seeping into white woven fibres on the page. Paper was meant to be written, scribbled, scrawled, drawn on, meaning overflowing arbitrarily declared boundaries. Everything ever present or absent on a page means something, and contributes to a larger idea and even more amazingly, can be wrought so that the exact intended idea is conveyed or so the reader is free to dream beyond convention. Someone go buy me pens. Because there is paper here. – Marisa Wikramanayake

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    Inspiration (or is there a muse?)

    Yes. And no. What there is, is this wonderful awesome thing in your head called a brain. There was a reason in Greek mythology as to why Mnemosyne (nem-o-seen) was the mother of the muses. She was the goddess of memory and she named everything. Cognitive science now tells us that memory and emotion are important in the process of creativity. So let me use Sedition (the novel I am writing) as an example so you can understand what I am trying to tell you here.