• The Inequality of Magic – Continuum Panel

    We will be chatting about why there are weird gender based tropes around how magic is used in fantasy fiction stories. Come see me, Darren / Lexie, Dorian Manticore, Gillian Polack, and Jane Routley discuss the importance of representation and the messages we send when we don’t do it well. Ticket prices are per session or per day so check the Continuum website for details.

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    Upcoming events in June 2018

    I am going to be rather tired this month. But that’s a good thing because you get to see me at several events during June. Check out the events page. Continuum Panels The very first one kicks off in two days time: So You Want To Be A Book Reviewer? This is an awesome panel at the Continuum Speculative Fiction Convention at the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne running from Friday 8 June to Monday 11 June. I am on it with Figgy and Elizabeth Fitzgerald and it starts at 5 pm on Friday. We will discuss how book reviewing changes depending on how you do it, what you need to…