• The Inequality of Magic – Continuum Panel

    We will be chatting about why there are weird gender based tropes around how magic is used in fantasy fiction stories. Come see me, Darren / Lexie, Dorian Manticore, Gillian Polack, and Jane Routley discuss the importance of representation and the messages we send when we don’t do it well. Ticket prices are per session or per day so check the Continuum website for details.

  • My desk in Phillips cabin at the KSP Writers Centre (c) Marisa Wikramanayake
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    Day 3: So many emotions

    Day 3 and I am just grateful. I didn’t get to sleep until five am because I was just so thrilled that I had met my goal. You get a high after you write and type everything in. But I did sleep in bursts till about noon. I would wake up, do some work related things, sleep a bit, write a bit and so on. I woke up at noon and went over to the main house and the office to meet Shannon who is the director here at KSP Writers Centre. I gave her some things from Sri Lanka and she offered to do a pharmacy run for me.…

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    All my worries as a WOC writer

    This is a list of worries that Marlee Jane Ward, award winning writer, thought I should post about. In the hope that it would help. So here we go. I worry about a lot of things as a writer. I worry about a lot of things anyway. And after a week of funding and job cuts for both the arts and journalism, I am more worried. Here’s what I worry about along with some ranting – perhaps you can relate. They may be unfounded or not – the point is I worry about all this stuff. TW: possible triggering with mentions of patriarchy, racism and bias. Let me know if…