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    On pens, paper and meaning

    I have a sudden irresistible urge to buy pens. That gush with ink with colours seeping into white woven fibres on the page. Paper was meant to be written, scribbled, scrawled, drawn on, meaning overflowing arbitrarily declared boundaries. Everything ever present or absent on a page means something, and contributes to a larger idea and even more amazingly, can be wrought so that the exact intended idea is conveyed or so the reader is free to dream beyond convention. Someone go buy me pens. Because there is paper here. – Marisa Wikramanayake

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    7 myths about writing

    I thought I’d talk about myths about writing, just so we get all those nagging doubts out of the way. One thing that really depresses me is when I meet someone and they find out I am writing a novel and then they go: “Oh, wow, that’s so great – I could never do that!” Now, I guarantee you that one person out of ten has actually looked at themselves long enough and become sufficiently self aware to know that they cannot write a book for whatever reason. I can also guarantee that I have never actually met this one person. I tend to run into the other nine. I…