2013's very odd resolution list

This being the start of 2013, of course everyone is talking about New Year Resolutions. In fact, come December 1st everyone starts ruminating on this topic. And then of course there is a lot of angst over what one hasn’t done yet and that horrible nagging feeling that somehow you are running out of time to do X, Y and Z and therefore be happy.

So in the interests of preserving some sanity here, because let’s be honest, me being me, I have very little sanity or so people tell me, let’s do this differently.

What was 2012 like?

Well, lets see. It was unexpectedly social at points – in the sense I found myself going to things when I really thought I would be stuck indoors working.

I also worked a lot. A lot. I mean, this is an understatement. I had a MA thesis on science journalism to finish writing, I had a national editing conference to help organise and then I had work – teaching journalism, writing articles, editing work and so on.

So it was also exhausting and there was a lot of drama and a lot of it wasn’t mine but I had to deal with it anyway.

Then there were the little awesome moments like when the Guardian linked to this post on false balance in science journalism and when Neil Gaiman actually liked this silly little poem of mine.

So what has this got to do with 2013?

Well, more important than what I will do or achieve in the next year is what I will NOT do.

Why is this important? Because I have only a limited amount of time and energy and enthusiasm and it needs to be directed at what is most important and thereby used efficiently.

So what I will NOT do in 2013:

  1. Deal with drama. You have drama? Keep it to yourself. There is enough drama that I can inadvertently as the human being I am cause in my own life, I have no time for anyone else’s.
  2. Take on more than one major project or two minor ones at a time especially if they are unpaid/unfunded/voluntary. Discussions about projects are welcome because there will be a project file into which everything including timelines, funding and organisation to do with each project will be dropped into and then ignored till there is time to do it.
  3. Help others achieve goals or do projects that they are not equally invested in. Sorry, I have my own stuff to finish off as well.
  4. Attempt unrealistic goals by which I mean unrealistic by my standards not anyone else’s.
  5. Sacrifice sleep. I need sleep.
  6. Live beyond my means. Because doing so is just daft. Not that I did this much in 2012.

So here is the list of what I will do/achieve in 2013:

  1. I will finish writing Sedition.
  2. I will finish the MA in science journalism ( 4 more classes, part time enrollment to end in Nov 2013).
  3. I will finish off this conference.
  4. I will pare down my life to the bare essentials because this will make it far more easy and flexible to move across the globe for work should I need to.
  5. I will be looking for work across the globe with the intent to move after the MA is done (Nov 2013).
  6. I will do more writing on this blog and more writing in general for other publications.
  7. I will go out more and be more social than I was in 2012 but to things I like doing.
  8. I will start on the second novel this year once Sedition is done.
  9. I will take more photographs.

These are very short lists for a reason. There are a lot of things I do want to do that I will do but they will be the steps towards achieving one of the above things.

I don’t want to call them goals because frankly I have a goals list and these things are mere steps on that list (my goals are huge) and I don’t want to call them resolutions because I am not resolving to do them, I will do them. There’s a difference there. So they are ‘things’ until I have a word. As mentioned in a comment on a fellow writer’s blog, there is sense that things need to be completed this year.

What is it that you are aiming for this year? Or hope to achieve? Or finish off? Or start?


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