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A conversation with Fay

In case you missed it, I got interviewed by my Honours buddy, entrepreneur, day dreamer and all things film and marketing knowledgeable, Fay Ann D’Souza of Thousand By Ten Days. link

Apparently I managed to say something useful in the middle of all the rambling.

On what not to do:

I have also learned never to attempt the madness of three main characters again. Keeping things straight and not too confusing is a hard thing to do.

On being involved in the community:

And I’ll never forget being taken aside by one member on the second day of the conference and being told “See all these people – you did that.” And it really hit home to me – most people would dismiss me – I’m a stranger from another country with supposedly not much really of much value to others but I can (with the help of others of course) create a great deal of change. I had done a lot for a lot of people so I was thrilled – I felt rather maternal towards them. And I was tired. It was hard but worth it.

On the money side of things:

The point is it’s no one else’s business where the money comes from (save for perhaps the tax office) and it has to be something you are comfortable with and you need to get it sorted before you have enough mental space free in your head to make any real headway on your writing without worrying about bills.

On characters:

So basically they show up unannounced and do their own thing. I am quite visual. The scenes play out as a sort of interactive film where I can touch and smell and taste things as well. I just sit back and experience it.

Go have a read. Now.

My thanks to Fay.

So what about you? Is there something Fay forgot to ask me that you desperately want to know the answer to? 

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