Amanda Jay’s The Other One is a Fairway Literary Award finalist!

Ok, first things first, who is Amanda Jay?

Amanda Jay is a Sri Lankan writer – Amanda Jayatissa – who wrote a book titled The Other One.

I edited it earlier this year and she decided to self publish it in both e-book and hard copy format. It’s not doing too badly sales wise.

But yesterday she got the news that it was shortlisted for the Fairway Literary Awards in the English Language section.

The Awards are handed out to the best literary work by a Sri Lankan author in each of three languages -Sinhala, Tamil and English every year as part of the Galle Literary Festival in January.

Rewind to January 2017 and a book I edited two odd years ago for Theena Kumaragurunathan called First Utterance won in the English language category.

And now, seven months later, another author of mine, Amanda Jay, has been shortlisted.

If she wins in January, that’s two authors in a row.

And of course I am excited for my authors. Definitely. But I am also excited for me.

Every time an author wins an award, it’s a bit of reflected glory for the editor and publisher. Apart from the Rosanne Fitzgibbon Award for Editorial Excellence administered by IPEd, there is no “Best Editor of the Year” award that I know of.

And I have been lucky – this year has seen two books I worked on win awards and accolades and now Amanda Jay’s The Other One shortlisted so far. In 2014-5, it was Jane Rawson‘s Formaldehyde being one of the winners of Viva La Novella.

Each time an author wins or is recognised, it’s not just “Yes, we all knew they wrote a good story.”, it’s also “Yes, I did the right thing as an editor when working on it.”

I hope that makes sense in explaining how awesome this is, of course for Amanda Jay, but also why I am so thrilled. I actually called her while on the street, yelling excitedly and getting quite a few strange looks. Congrats again Amanda, you are making me look very good! 🙂

You can buy Amanda Jay’s book on Amazon. Read it and let us know what you think.

If all this has got you thinking, “Wait, I have a manuscript.” that’s great. I do hope it has inspired you. But I am not magic, I cannot guarantee awards or prizes. But I am doing something right.  If you still are keen after that disclaimer, I do still offer editing services.

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