An Alteration To My Current Rates


This is to inform you that after discussion with the Society of Editors and a rethink of my accounts, I have decided to raise my hourly rates slightly.  All rates are in AUD (Australian dollars) so please convert for your currency of choice.

Average rate across the country: $61 per hour
MEAA recommended rate (2006): $196 per hour
IPEd recommended rate:               $55 per hour

My editing rates:
Students (undergrads/postgrads) & Individuals: $20 per hour
Companies/Businesses : $55 per hour
Government :  $40 – $55 per hour.

NOTE: If you have already made an appointment with me or have started a job and signed a contract for it, then I will charge you at the old rate. Any new appointments/contracts/jobs will be charged according to the new rates or whatever we negotiate. If the current work you have is on an ongoing monthly basis, I will send you a new contract. Rates are negotiable if you have a budget and can inform me of it. I will be updating my services/rates page to reflect this.

Cheers, Marisa.

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