Encapsulation 101: creating a tagline for your business

It’s time for something to go under my name. Something other than: “freelance editor and journalist”.

Taglines and slogans help you establish a relationship with clients, customers, readers – whoever you are speaking to. They don’t just consist of your job description.

Copywriters make a living writing taglines and slogan  – that’s how important they are.

So, I decided to write a tagline for myself. The general equation seemed to be: Tagline = Problem + Solution + Brand Promise. The problem is that while I can create taglines for other people (I do some pretty nifty headlines for my news articles), creating one for myself is clearly not something I can do that well. So I’d like some help. Pretty please?

Define the business.

This is the first step. People often recommend writing out every possible term you can come up with that defines what you do. Others say you should ask: “What problem are you trying to solve? For whom?”

Define what sets you apart from the competition.

It’s not that you are the best, the fastest or the most affordable because anyone else could make the same claim. So, you need to pick something that no other competitor can do.

Start putting it together.

Here is my example:

Services I provide: 1) Journalistic writing on a freelance/contract basis; and,
2) Editing and proofreading work on a freelance/contract basis.

Point of differentiation:

I try to teach people how to write and edit as I do the work or I make it easy for readers to understand the subjects of my news articles. I also try to give people the knowledge they need to start freelancing themselves, via this website. So basically I aim to empower people by helping them communicate but also giving them the knowledge they need.

List the options.

  1. Empower yourself through words.
  2. Discover the right words.
  3. Find/Finding the right words.
  4. Think. Write. Edit. Learn.

Ask for feedback & pick one.

So, now I turn it over to you. Vote for the best tagline for my business or suggest one of your own. The best suggestion or a random person who voted for the most popular choice, will win an  iTunes gift card or a free copy of the Crayon Fields album All the pleasures of the world.

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