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Crimescene WA & Real Scientists

I am really rather excited about the second week of October this year.

Why? Well, the week starts on the 6th of October. And at midnight sharp on the 6th of October, I take over the @realscientists account on Twitter.

Roger Hiorns' Seizure by Hilary Perkins aka cowbite via Photopin/Flickr
Roger Hiorns’ Seizure by Hilary Perkins aka cowbite via Photopin/Flickr (it’s blue copper sulphate crystals)

The @realscientists account is curated/run each week by a scientist, science writer, science artist, science communicator, science illustrator… you get the idea.

The aim of the project is to get more information about science, all sorts of science, out to the public.

And I am part excited, part terrified, part nervous about taking over tweeting about what I do to do with science for a whole week.

If you have any suggestions for what you want me to tweet about then drop a comment below.

chestertonwordle by bfistermn via Photopin/Flickr
chestertonwordle by bfistermn via Photopin/Flickr

But at the end of that week, on 12 October, I will also be at Crimescene WA – the crime fiction conference held in Perth at the Rydges Hotel.

I am going to be part of a panel with Satima Flavell on what editors do with crime fiction manuscripts and how we edit them and what we look for and what to avoid at all costs.

Again, any questions about editing crime fiction, drop them in the comments and there will be a blog post up in the afternoon on the Saturday with a lot of what Satima and I will be discussing.

I am now off to hide under the blanket and whimper in terror.

Photo credit: bfistermn via photopin cc
Photo credit: cowbite via photopin cc

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