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IPEd 2017: Workshops, whirlwinds and welcome

Today is sort of the first day of the IPEd 2017 conference. Sort of but not quite.

There are lots of things that have evolved into traditions over the years with this conference. One of them is the running of workshops the day before the conference actually starts.

So today there were workshops on marketing and freelancing and technical aspects of editing. From all accounts they were wonderful – unfortunately I didn’t get to attend any this time around.

But I needed that time.

I had landed in Brisbane sans business cards. And so after brunch committments, I had to have a catch up meeting with fellow IPEd 2017 panelists and speakers and then go pick up business cards. New business cards that I managed to put together and order online in the morning from ePrint Online who were absolutely fantastic at dealing with my last minute panicking. And were also very affordable. Do drop them a line. They do ship across Australia.

After fixing that I had to fix my hair. So I did and then promptly ended up in a windy part of Brisbane climbing up a hill to get back to where I’m staying to get dressed. Bye bye curls.

Another tradition at IPEd Conferences is the welcome cocktail function the night before. Hence the dash to get curls in the first place. Must have curls. And cards. And cute cocktail dress.

The welcome party gives everyone a chance to meet and allows us to put faces to names before we are too rushed the next day. Because such is the nature of such a conference.

And it was exciting to see more diversity in the room at IPEd 2017 this time. I found another Sri Lankan – editor Niranjala Hillyard, a few East Asian heritage editors and Wiley publishing turned up with 20 people in tow including one of my fellow women of colour activists who for some unknown reason decided to surprise me with the fact that she was attending IPEd 2017.

Hella Ibrahim from Wiley Publishing and I at the IPEd 2017 Conference cocktail function in Brisbane
Hella Ibrahim from Wiley Publishing and I at the IPEd 2017 Conference cocktail function in Brisbane (c) Hella Ibrahim.

Let’s do a roll call of the cool people I met whose names I can remember after one glass of champagne: Robin Bennett, Janet McKenzie, Renee Otmar (whom I missed), Niranjala Hillyard, Hella Ibrahim, Robin Bower, Michele Drouart, Kate Hawkins, Belinda Pollard, Mary Jo Rourke, Sally Aniscar, Ted Briggs, Elizabeth Speigel, Ruth Davies, Karen Lee, Malini Devadas, Stephen White, Phil Bryant,  Georgiana and Anna, fellow representatives from WA … ok I give up now. There were lots of you. I will recall and recognise people over the next few days. Slowly.  Some of you I haven’t seen since IPEd 2013.

The rooftop bar at the Rydges at Southbank was packed.

Ruth Davies had a great little speech welcoming us all and reminding us of the land we stood on and letting us know that the entire committee had beauty queen sashes with “Miss ___” on them. We managed to find Miss Communicate, Miss Direction and Miss Manage but there’s more I hope to spot during the conference.

Angel Strings gave us beautiful background music of jazz classics and standards rendered with cello and violin.

It was a great start to the conference. I will try to blog as much as possible during the conference if I can but I will tweet and instagram as well so follow me and the hashtag #iped2017 to keep up. Ten minutes after each panel I am on is over, there will be a cheat sheet/summary of my presentation on this blog so remember to check back.

And if you have photos of the conference, my camera on my phone isn’t great, send them my way and I will give you credit and drop a note in the comments below.  If you have a blog you want me to link to as well and I have mentioned your name up above, please leave a comment and I will link to it.

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