Happy 2017! Fireworks by Prabhu Balakrishnan via Flickr

Happy New Year!

Wherever you are, whatever time it is, I hope you have a great and happy 2017.

Here’s what I, personally, am hoping for in the coming year:

  • I am hoping for a new job either part time or full time that will give me a bit of breathing space right now because I do need. I also hope this will be a journalism job or a publishing related one. If you know of anything going, please let me know.
  • I am hoping to finish work on a lot of writing projects.
  • I am hoping to be healthier.
  • I am hoping to be more organised.
  • I am hoping to pass my driving test.
  • I am hoping to be able to find more clients in 2017, to write a bit more and to be able to earn a bit more and save a bit more.
  • I am hoping to be able to do better on blogging more regularly on both this blog and AWW where I have now taken over the diversity round up each month.
  • I am generally also hoping to be a better person.

In a few days I will have a blog post explaining how I am trying to organise myself this year, how I came up with my goals, how I am measuring them, how I hope to achieve them and how I am possibly yet again trying to do too much but my 2016 left me with some thoughts and ideas on what I need to work on. But for now, I am going to kick back and head off to a pool party to see in the New Year with some old family friends.

I am starting 2017 on a relaxed note that I hope will continue throughout the year. Because I think we could all do with a little less stress and tragedy and trauma and a lot more general awesomeness.

So wherever you are Happy New Year, Happy 2017! I hope you have a great time! What are you hoping for in the coming New Year?

Pic credit: Firework by Prabhu Balalkhrisnan via Flickr

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