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As you may or may not know, I am the website coordinator/admin for The Society of Editors (WA) Inc. I am not a particularly good one – the best thing I seem to have done so far is get the society’s website listed in the top google search results. But hey, I was the youngest and therefore the most tech savvy person on the committee.

Anyways, I know that there are some web savvy people out there who occasionally read this weblog. So I thought I’d pick your brain a bit.

The society website runs on wordpress – the standalone version. It has a seperate forum on the server as well as a register of freelancing members.

Members don’t want to blog therefore there are so far no users other than the admin on the wordpress site. The register was created before my time and has tons of users. I created the forum but could not connect it to the register so members have to re-register on  the forum to use it. I am thinking about sitting down and setting up all the accounts for the forum myself but we also wanted the forum to be an optional thing. With 142 members, this could also take a huge amount of time on my part.

Now we need a membership database to keep track of all members that only the committee can access. Rolopress seems like a good option for this, since it works within WordPress but it has not been launched yet (hurry up people!).

Because I have already set up WordPress and the members don’t want to all blog (they have their own sites if they want to do that), I don’t see a point in setting up WordPress MU and installing buddypress and thereby adding forums etc. Doing this would mean transferring wordpress posts and pages, theme settings and everything that is on the forum.

So, we got to this point because we restructured the website with WordPress but then the committee wanted to add all sorts of goodies after we had done so. Which wasn’t the way to go but they couldn’t understand what I was trying to say till I had set it up and shown them how it worked.

What we want is:

  • ease of access for members for forum and register (aka as close to one username and password to access everything as possible even if that means I have to sit down and create user accounts for everyone)
  • membership database that runs within in WordPress and is customisable
  • the ability to have a widget on the front page that rotates the profiles of members without having to preferably ask them to register as wordpress users yet again. Unless I can sit down and register every single one of them because honestly they aren’t going to use the user profiles for anything else but I can’t quite see how to do in any other way unless I do link it to the users or to whatever I use within wordpress for a membership database.

    HELP! Please let me know what you think! I am asking because I am well aware that I don’t know everything. So give me some options.


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