Link List Love: 26/10/2009

A list of links to things you might want to read/watch/listen to, to things that could be informative and to things that may make you laugh. This is what I have been upto these past couple of weeks.

What I have been writing:

  • Sandbox – 9-10 pages. Sandbox is the collective term I use for about three to four stories that I write using certain characters to practice writing anything new or different. It tends to be experimental or very ‘what if’? The Sandbox collection will never be published – it’s intended for my eyes only.
  • Reviews. The website went down on the 7th of October due to some random script somewhere on the server which has now been kindly disabled by the nice folks at Crucial Paradigm. So there is a backlog of news and published work to go up on the site. In the meantime, I wrote two reviews for RTR FM. See below.
  • Novel “Sedition”: no progress. I wish there was. This is getting a huge overhaul and rewrite.
  • Novel “Random Mystery”: no progress – called a halt on this one till Sedition is done.
  • Film script “Dice”: initial scenes written, no progress beyond that, have to work on ideas and initial feedback from project partner when I can find his email. Have a list of characters to work with though.
  • Play “no title”: still waiting on a way to open it.
  • Perth Diary articles/column: written, sent, yada yada … if you don’t see it here, Sunday Leader has not published it. Sunday Leader seems to have canned the column/lost it amongst the Kottu reprints in the paper and online.
  • Science Network WA articles: one written, will post link soon. I was typing that post when the site went down on the 7th.

What I have been listening to:

What I have been reading in print:

I haven’t actually read anything in awhile which is shocking, I know. Anyone want to send me some books to review? ;-D Actually, I’ve been flat out hence the no reading time. Also, I have been writing.

What I have been reading online:

Comics, graphic novels and webcomics:

    • Canadian riot a minute Menage a 3,
    • Jeph Jacques’ Questionable Content which is my daily opportunity to laugh at how mainstream ‘Indie’ can be for which I love QC,
    • comic gurus (they’ve been doing this for 20 odd years) Kaja and Phil Foglio’s steampunk wonder Girl Genius,
    • Giz’s Eerie Cuties which has just started and looks awesome,
    • Tim’s The Dark Lord’s Garden. Tim wrote and drew The Pantheon which you can still read. It’s great that Tim is drawing again because he has a wicked sense of humour.


None these past few week,s surprisngly. I’ve been writing, people.


Photoshop tutorial websites. There are tons of them – run a search in Google. It’s the best way to learn how to use the program. I am playing around with designing random things for the Society of Editors (WA) Inc. website. I also want to redo the layout design for this site.

What I have been playing:

    • Fable – another all time great old school adventure game.
    • Dragonsphere – testing this one out.
    • Operation Stealth – now I tried my level best to play this dashed game but there is a bug that won’t let you use certain commands with your character. If anyone knows how to get the main character in Operation Stealth to actually “operate/use” anything in the inventory, please let me know. I can’t even get past the first two playable screens in the game.
    • Believe it or not, there is a Perry Mason game. I kid you not. It’s very very old school. As in graphics at the top part of the screen and text the rest of the way down. Text based and graphics are four colour.
    • Yes, Prime Minister – there is a game. Another four colour one with side scrolling but point and click and choose the best option to continue. You mostly have to keep appointments and attempt to keep on top of the topsy turvy conversations you have with the Home Secretary and Humphrey. Can’t believe Anthony Jay agreed to a game.
    • All the above games are downloadable for free from Abandonia.

What I have been watching:

Just watched an episode of CSI: Miami completely by accident – flatmate switched the TV on. I don’t watch TV anymore, I don’t seem to have the time though I probably should make the time to at least watch the ABC news at 7 pm. Haven’t watched any DVDs either – I’ve been writing.

The most serious thing I have found out this week:

I got to see a presentation by Gary Barber aka Tuna on twitter on websites and got a few pointers. That, and the fact that a) The Sunday Leader has changed their website; b) the Kottu blogroll has been integrated into the Review section on it and c) Perth Diary is nowhere to be found on the site. Nope, no one told me that either a) I am now part and parcel of Kottu or b) that Perth Diary has been canned. And I have been sending articles in.

The funniest thing I found out about this week:

It was a week full of a lot of serious things. There were some laughs inbetween but yeah, it’s been a bit of a horrible week.

Hope you enjoyed the link list love and the consumer report. ;-D

Cheers, Marisa.


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