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New project: Guys Read Gals

cof0974First off, I did not come up with the name. That was all Rob Kennedy‘s fault.

Second, last I checked I am not a male member of the species so I am not actually an active participant – I am just there to make sure everything runs properly. And to carry a metaphorical whip so that the guys involved behave like the gentlemen that they are.

So what is it?

It’s a website. For men. To post reviews of the Australian female fiction authors they have read. 

And for women and men. To contribute insightful articles, interviews and opinion pieces on the topics of men reading  and/or Australian female fiction authors. 

So that other men can see that reading, and particularly reading female authors, isn’t a daft thing or something that “real men” don’t do or whatever other little pretty preconceived notions they may hold.

And because we have already had this discussion on whether female authors are well represented in the press in Australia, whether men read and what do they read and so on and so forth and now let’s do something about it.

And of course, I forgot the most important thing about it: Neil Gaiman himself thought it was a worthwhile idea to retweet the discussion post causing much havoc to my servers.

Far as I am concerned, that is practically a recommendation.

Australian Women Writers Challenge already loves the idea:

Guys Read Gals is here.  What are you waiting for?

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