Thank you to my 500th fan!

I hit 500 fans!

Perhaps that doesn’t seem like a big deal but I was thrilled earlier this week to see that number on my Facebook fanpage go up. And perhaps one should celebrate even the small things. And so thank you to Taylor of Taylor’s Tracks who was my 500th fan.

I was wondering what one could do to really thank Taylor and then realised that she was a blogger too and bloggers like links and comments. (Yes, that was a hint for you.)

So I went through Taylor’s travel blog and found all the coolest posts she has posted which was quite hard but I found quite a few and here they are – go read about her adventures:

She talks about the possibility of crowdfunding your travel across the world – it is a delightfully ethical thing to ponder. Is it right to ask for money for something like that?

She also asks if there is a difference in the way one travels – whether one is a tourist or a traveler or something else all together and whether it even matters to ask the question.

She is also honest about exploring her own backyard and why she at first wanted to go see other places first before opening her eyes to her home country of Canada and actually diving in to what it had to offer.

So thank you so much Taylor for liking my page. I hope you continue to like what I post and I hope to see more of what you post as well – all your posts on the ethical issues surrounding travel as well as what it is like to live in Thailand at the moment.

Thanks, Marisa



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