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The Readathon has begun!


Author Jane Rawson is a fantastic person. And to attest to that awesomeness she has started a Readathon for the winter months of June and July.

Basically you read whatever you like but if you are part of the team, people sponsor you for each book you read and the money goes to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation which I think is a fantastic idea.

Some people have already made lists of what they will read since June is already upon us. I fear that I am not one of those people. Instead all I can tell you is that I have written a spiel about why I love to read which you should read and that I plan to start by plowing through Evelyn Waugh’s Scoop.

So how can you get involved?

You can:
1. Sponsor me for each book I read at whatever amount you want:
2. Read my spiel on reading:
3. Sign up to participate:
4. Suggest books for me to read during the readathon by leaving a comment below.

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