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The writing plan for June

It’s June today.

A June day, today, let’s say since June began the day before yesterday.

On this June day my TBR is neither pile nor stack, it is a scatter instead, in bags, on shelves, across the floor, under laptops and beds.

It’s also not To Be Read but rather like quantum, a mix between the two, some To Be Read but some also read already so To Be Reviewed.

I need a plan. 

Here is the TBR/TR list (I might post a list in the sidebar):

Foreign Soil, Maxine Beneba Clarke
A Few Right Thinking Men, Sulari Gentill
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Anthony Marra
How Pleasure Works, Paul Bloom
Window Gods, Sally Morrison
The Miracle Match, Ian Brayshaw
Knitting and other stories, (ed) Richard Rossiter, Margaret River Press
The Trouble With Flying and other stories (eds) Richard Rossiter & Susan Midalia, Margaret River Press
Stories of Sydney, Seizure Online
A Decline In Prophets, Sulari Gentill
Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime, Val McDermid
The Hunt For Pierre Jnr, David Henley
Secrets of a Lazy French Cook, Marie-Morgane Le Moël

Please suggest WOC authors and their books in the comments by the way. I am trying to read more of them this year.

A review once a week perhaps? Say on a Tuesday?

There is also the matter of the podcasts that need to go up: 

Marlee Jane Ward
Christy Collins

These require some editing because I usually end up chatting to writers for an hour or so each time. Extended versions will be here, original 10 to 15 min versions will be at Australian Women Writers and as soon as I can figure out how, on iTunes as well.

Podcast interviewee wishlist: 

Anna Spargo-Ryan
Maxine Beneba Clarke
Sulari Gentill
Annabel Smith
Kerry Greenwood
Susan Midalia

As for my writing: 

I have started up my Patreon again and I will be posting chapters of Sedition and HIM on there eventually but right now it is set up for one short story per month.

I am stopping HIM now to work on editing Sedition properly but also a bit slowly.

Then there are all the other things I am involved in:

Organising events and things for freelance members of MEAA (journalists/writers/editors, if you are keen, email me for more information).
Organising and helping analyse data for Diverse Writers of Australia (I am getting through it slowly & I’m hoping to start up some events soon so go sign up if you are POC/CALD/disabled/ATSI/LGBTQIA).
Mentoring short story competition winners sometime in July (we are looking for African-Australian writers).
Trying to get more collaboration happening between ASA, IPEd and MEAA.
Writing my posts for Australian Women Writers.

I am sure I have forgotten something in there somewhere.

Since for most of June I am working at my bill and rent paying job of the moment from 9-5, Mon to Thurs, I need to plan when I am going to do most of this. I am planning to do as much in advance as I can.

So here’s my schedule so far with everything already done in green:

Every Monday: an inspiring writing video
Every Tuesday: a book review
Every Wednesday: a longer post on writing/journalism/editing/publishing/freelancing
Every Friday:
1. something news related probably or an update on my editing/writing or the extended version of my AWW podcasts
2.#thesisfriday writing group with my friends working on editing Sedition/writing short stories
Every Saturday: a video to help you out with being a journalist – often leaning towards simple explanations of science/business/politics 
Last Thursday of every month: MEAA WA freelancer catch up session
Last Friday of every month: post on non-fiction or short fiction and poetry on Australian Women Writers
Last Saturday of every month: a new short story for my Patreon patrons

Will it all go pear shaped at some point? Probably. In fact it definitely will. But it should be entertaining.


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