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Upcoming events in June 2018

I am going to be rather tired this month. But that’s a good thing because you get to see me at several events during June. Check out the events page.

Continuum Panels

The very first one kicks off in two days time: So You Want To Be A Book Reviewer?

This is an awesome panel at the Continuum Speculative Fiction Convention at the Jasper Hotel in Melbourne running from Friday 8 June to Monday 11 June. I am on it with Figgy and Elizabeth Fitzgerald and it starts at 5 pm on Friday. We will discuss how book reviewing changes depending on how you do it, what you need to know, how to get started and what to be mindful of.

I am on five panels all together for Continuum this year.

The second panel on Saturday at 10 am is called Breaking The Mould and is about how we can use older female characters as protagonists and discuss why this is not often done and why we should do more of it. My fellow panellists are Gillian Polack, Devin Madson and Joanne Tindale. Rachel Nightingale was going to join us but has had a family committment arise but she will be around on Sunday.

The third panel is on Sunday at 10 am and is called The Romance of Structure and we will talk about structuring romance novels and all the things that go along with plotting romance in both romance novels and other genres. My fellow panelists are Jane Routley, Freya Marske, Carolyn Denman and Thalia Kalkipsakis.

The fourth panel is on Sunday at 3 pm and is called The Inequality of Magic. Think Granny Weatherwax versus Unseen Academy. We want to talk about gender based tropes and segregation of magic users in fantasy fiction and why that occurs and what representation can look like. My fellow panelists are Darren/Lexie, Dorian Manticore, Gillian Polack and Jane Routley.

The final panel I am on is on Sunday at 5 pm and is called All The Things You Wanted To Know About Sensitivity Reading But Were Afraid To Ask. I think that is pretty self explanatory. Creatrix Tiara, Sangeetha Thanapal and Jess Flint join me on this panel. It will be awesome.

Tickets for Continuum are per day tickets and they have different prices for full, concession, youth and first time members. So go check their website for pricing details. And leave me a comment and let me know if you are coming so I can keep an eye out for you.

Online Course via Writers’ Bloc

I am running a Freelancing for Editors course through Writers’ Bloc on 21 June at 8 pm AEST online. Some of you have been waiting for me to send you details, well here you go. It will cover the basics of setting up a business and teach you all the things about how to set rates, how to find clients and so on.

Please make sure you go sign up for the course so that you can be sure you get to be involved – I will hopefully have a lot of information to send you once you have gone through the course as well.

The Writers’ Bloc Courses are $25 with $17 for concession or low income earners but Benjamin Law will be running an AMA and Danielle Binks will run a course on finding an agent so you can also get access to all three courses for $59!

This is all very exciting for me. Please let me know if you are going to be at the panel events or booking the online course. I am always happy to chat to you.

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