Want to know how to write a book?

Questioned ProposalThen join the most appropriately (but not very imaginatively) named “How to write a book” group on the Emergen networking site.

The content is free, the membership is free – everything is free. You can either just read the posts or sign up if you want to comment.

So why should you be interested?

1) It’s going to teach you or help you write a book

2) It’s free. FREE.

3) You get to chat to other would be and published writers

4) I am the person running it.

I AM THE PERSON RUNNING IT. As in, you get to find out how to write a book from me. And you get to complain if you think I haven’t got it right.

I think that’s a win-win situation all around.


  • gabrielle holmefjord

    Hi Marisa, I want to join the How to Write a Book Group, but when I clicked on the link, it wasn’t there…..just a message that says the link seems to be broken. Can you help me?

    Best wishes
    Gabrielle Holmefjord

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