West Australian Cadetship Test 2009

Hi all,

I took it this year and didn’t make the cut. However, since there isn’t any information out there on what the test was like, I decided to put some info up here.

The test goes for 3 hours. You have 100 General Knowledge questions. There is also a section on editing a story, a section on story structure, a bit where they test logical reasoning, a section with pictures where they test if you can recognise people or not, and a section about grammar and punctuation. That’s all I remember since you can’t take the paper with you and they don’t tell you your score.

Get good marks on the general knowledge section. There will be a huge focus on WA news over the past year – on business and sports and the like. The other sections were easy but I didn’t get much on the GK questions because they more about WA than about anything else and I haven’t watched the local news for over a year.

So if you plan on taking it in 2010, start now. Just watch the 7 pm ABC news segment everyday.

I hope that helps. And I hope that the others who took the 2009 test got through ok. Good luck for the interview round. 😀

Cheers, Marisa


  • Dan Jordan

    Hey Marisa that post was a really good idea
    :)…I feel that this is the kind of thing to help future cadets. And even if u, i or any of the others there,go for the test again we hav a rough idea of wat to expect. Good idea

    • Marisa

      Hey Dan,

      I thought you got through? Don’t tell me you didn’t go through? 🙁 Noooo! I was so sure you would get in. We’ll have to go storm the building next year, get through the entire process and then say “nah, we don’t want to work here!” 😀

  • Brian Oliver


    Thanks for this! I am sitting the cadetship test in just over a week. Was great to find something on here about what the test is about! Thanks again,


  • AK

    Hi, im sitting for the ABC cadetship test this year. Does general knowledge questions have multiple choice answers? Just want to confirm this.


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